Your own hand built fishing rod


A little more casting power over the 'Torrix' best selling carp rod range.

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Mario Winnikes from Germany with his World Record common carp - 91lbs.6ozs - caught on a Harrison 12ft, 2.75lb,tc, Carp Rod.



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Fuji’s new ‘K’ series guides are the first rod guides designed to shed tangles before they become a problem. Find out more.

Bring your old fishing tackle back to life

Go to the refurb examples page and see illustrations  of recent refurbishment work that has been carried. out. The same standard  will be applied to your refurbishment work on appreciated quality or old/antique tackle.

Hand made excellence

Today's modern advanced carbon fibre laminates are derived from the aerospace, motor sports and hi-tech engineering industries.

All projects using carbon fibre technology require different blends of material to achieve the desired result ie, nose cones from a fighter aircraft require totally different carbon fibres than the body panels from an F1 racing car. So, to be successful when building top quality fishing rods, an understanding of the qualities of the many different carbon fibres available is needed, so as to be able to hand build a fishing rod for you that will cast effortlessly and also play fish well. 

Your rod blank will be produced by a British company, with an excellent design team, who specialise in premier quality carbon fibre fishing rod products.

Working closely together with them a range of fly fishing rods, carp and barbel fishing rods, at the cutting-edge of technology, has been produced. As new, more exotic, carbon fibres become available they are harnessed into your fishing rod design. Computer Aided Designs (CAD) helps to build, for you, fishing rods that are light, strong and durable with actions that are a delight to use. High quality that could save the need for future fishing rod repairs.

Individual hand made styling

Whichever range you choose your hand built fishing rod from it will be individually hand crafted using 40 years professional experience, to produce your very special individual Custom Built fishing rod, giving you everything you would expect from a quality handmade fishing rod. Only the highest quality rod building components are used. Carp rod options are many and varied, Fuji reel seats, Fuji SIC and Alconite rod rings, Kigan SIC rod rings, abbreviated handles, Japanese shrink tube, duplon or cork handles, stainless trims, fat grips, slim grips or no grips.   

All rods can have your initials, birth date, anniversary, retirement date, in fact anything inscribed onto your chosen investment,  all part of the personal service. Your rod will be delivered in a quality bag proudly displaying the, Custom Built Fishing Rod - Hand Made in England, logo.

Getting it right

To make sure that your hand built rod is exactly what you  want use the enquire form, phone 0161 747 9129 to discuss or call in and speak to Colin Leatherbarrow, professional rod builder for over forty years. 

Colin Leathebarrow
Colin Leatherbarrow
(Your Rod Builder)

Rod building equipment

These small "ID" tags can be fitted anywhere onto your custom built rods - white background - black printing or black background - white printing - in two type "styles" - Script or Classic. Any wording, names or dates available.