For those anglers who have not fished with a SWING-TIP - a bite detection system from a by-gone age, please consider the following facts and advantages:-


The advantages a SWING-TIP has over a quiver-tip is that smaller, tentative shy bites are easier to spot and hit. You will often find on pressured waters, fish will sit over the feed and often only move just enough to tighten the line, then when they suspect something is not quite right, they drop the hook bait - however, when using a SWING-TIP you can see this movement much more easily.


The low resistance of a SWING-TIP means shy bites have more time to develop, without the fish feeling any tension, whereas with a quiver-tip, the more the bite develops, the greater the resistance felt by the fish - resulting in a dropped bait.


My Hand Made ultra-sensitive SWING-TIPS are made from the finest components available, in either all high viz orange or all black (for very bright conditions), fitted with genuine FUJI fittings, micro counter balance weights and no less than 4 'silicone resistance rubbers' are included (for different wind/wave conditions), 2 all brass screw threads (one to use and one spare FOC)


Priced at only £16.99 each, including FREE delivery in the UK (Please specify colour/s required).


I can supply a 'Swing-Tip' rod at a fraction of the price, for those who do not want to pay 'Custom Built' prices, or just to try the ancient 'art' of 'swing-tipping'. I have adapted brand new Shakespeare 10ft; 3 piece, fishing rods to accept my Pro-Tip 'Swing-Tips' at only £69.99 per rod (including Swing-Tip and shipping UK). This has to be a great way into light/medium Swing-Tip fishing (10g-25g feeders/bombs).




To order the 'Swing-Tip rod' and Custom Built 'Pro-Tip Swing-Tip' at £69.99 (Free Shipping) - Please ring:- 0161-747 9129 or complete the enquiry form here