Selection of Buzzer flies


How to catch more Trout


Trout eat Buzzers as anglers call them (or to give them the correct name Chironomid Nymphs) more than any other food source available. The reason is simple, there are more of these buzzers available in the food chain than anything else, millions and millions in every lake, pond, reservoir and river. 

Trout are used to seeing /eating them in their hundreds of varieties, so they are NOT afraid of them - unlike some  fly lure patterns which do not represent any food source whatsoever. So, we tied the most representative fly patterns of Chironomid Nymphs after studying the actual nymphs in many waters throughout the UK.

The patterns we tie WILL work, depending on the conditions, ALL year round, as we have proved, just change the colour/size until you get that pull. Of course, you need a certain amount of skill (casting etc.) as our flies are NOT, unfortunately, magic.

A floating fly line works best with buzzers, with a fairly long leader of  9ft 10ft depending on the length of your fly rod. You can fish a single buzzer on the end of your leader but we have found that a dropper with another buzzer attached is far more effective. You can attach 2 different colours/sizes with this method.

Cast out across the wind and let a bow appear in the fly line.  As the flies sink, retrieve slowly (even slower), in short, sharp pulls  then get the landing net ready!