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Example of spin rod

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Choosing a hand made rod

Why choose a hand made fishing rod

In a world increasingly obsessed by the PRICE of everything and the VALUE of nothing  why choose to have a fishing rod hand built for you, where price may or may not be an issue.  Well, there is no simple answer because everybody is an individual and as individuals we all want different things. Some purchase on price alone (cheapest), others follow the designer brands where price is not considered and others decide somewhere in the middle whether we are purchasing a shirt, a car or a fishing rod. With a shirt, it makes sense to ensure that it fits, so we can check the collar size, arm length, chest fitting and then there is the style to consider before purchasing. With a car it is similar, what is the intended use (off-road, city use or general day to day use), engine size, colour, comfort, price  all have to be considered before purchase. Thankfully, buying a fishing rod is possibly easier than buying a shirt or a car.

To start with ask yourself what is the intended use for you new fishing rod? You need to decide what type of fishing you are going to participate in, then buy a fishing rod that suits you best, these words are really important. BUT, what WILL suit you best?

Beginners to fishing usually buy the cheapest equipment possible, to see if they like-it and if they enjoy the experience, usually upgrade their equipment at a later date. If you are more experienced, then maybe you visit tackle shops to see what is available and have the customary 'waggle' of the fishing rods on offer. But what if you cannot see Exactly what you require, do you buy what is offered anyway because all your mates say that so and so's rods are brill or so and so's rods are cheaper than other brands.

Custom built fishing rods offer you an alternative. A hand made fishing rod need not cost any more than any of the so called top brands, in fact better value in most cases!  Considered having a hand made fishing rod built for you. Imagine that you can have whatever YOU want, NOT what someone from the other side of the world dictates what you can or CANNOT have. You can select the blanks for the intended purpose of use, rod rings, reel seat, length/thickness of the handle, colour of the rod ring whippings, even your Initials can be inscribed onto the finished fishing rod. If you cannot decide on all the technical stuff, then you can be advised and have all the benefits of certain rod actions and fittings, to suit YOUR needs, explained. You will benefit from 30 years experience in rod building - which means that you can get greater pleasure from this great sport of ours.