Fuji Lock Nut
Fuji 'Lock-Nut' - Fitted FREE on all Custom Builds and Refurbs (Fuji reel-seats only).


New onion but CArp rod
'Onion' butt grip  with Xweave shrink wrap to prevent hand slipping whilst casting.


But cap
Machined alloy butt cap, suitable for all Carp, Barbel, Salmon or Spin rods


Union Jacks
I can fit 'Union-Jacks' to your Custom rods, to show the QUALITY - (Hand Built in England).


50mm guides on Torrix carp rod.


Duplon Collars

Duplon Collars.


Fuji VSS

New Fuji 'VSS' reel-seat, ideal for Lure rods, also available with black Duplon.

Alps 'Wave-Form' Carp Reel-Seat

Alps 'Wave-Form' Carp Reel-Seat

Decorative Bands

'Pointed' Stainless Steel Butt Caps.



Fuji Titanium "K" series guides


Rods for better Carp and Barbel fishing

Carp rods

are a range of carp rods evolving from earlier CHIMERAS, by subtly tweaking tapers, resin content, fibre angle, and fibre mix, you gain a significant step forward.

TORRIX is manufactured from super flat, super wide, lightweight pre-pregs to allow new, radical, lay-ups

TORRIX is slimmer and lighter but has the strength and torsion control of larger diameter blanks. Tip mass is down and this is evident in the feel when you pick the rod up and swing your first lead.

Five test curves are available at 12ft. and teo at 13ft.

12ft; 2.5lb. 12ft; 2.75lb. 12ft; 3lb. 12ft; 3.25lb. 12ft; 3.5lb.

13ft; 13ft; 3.25lb. 13ft; 3.5lb.

 All look stunning with their almost holographic look.

The 12ft; 3.25lb. is the most popular choice, coping well with a wide range of casting weights and, in the right hands,  awesome power to hit those hard to reach spots.

Fitted with SiC guides, abbreviated handles, Fuji reel seat, stainless trims and supplied in a quality rod bag.

Prices start at £369.00 for the 12ft; 2.5lb.model to £423.00 for the 13ft; 3.5lb. model (Factory Built).


A NEW rod using ideas developed in the original 12'6" TE. The tip section of this new 12' model is modified and stiffened in the lower half - moving the "Kick-Point" higher up the rod - This has produced a blank that will feel more in control if you are casting to the absolute limit - and by retaining the "Standard" butt section, this gives the rod enough "Action" to control big fish close-in.

TORRIX 'EXTREME' 12ft; 3.3lb.tc. £387.00 (Factory Built).


For all of you that have a 'Torrix' Carp Rod - You may not know we also now have Torrix 'Spod' & 'Marker' Rods which match in appearance and performance.

The 'SPOD' is a big step-up in power at 4.5lb t.c. and is capable of casting at least 8oz (240g).

The 'MARKER' has a test curve of 3.25lb, bringing it in-line with the 3.25 t.c. 'Carp Rod'.

Priced at around £342.00 and £369.00 (Factory Built) - These new Torrix Rods represent excellent value for money.

TORRIX Landing net handles - 6ft long; 1 piece - £104.00 or custom built from £130.00.

AVIATOR PLUS - 12ft; 3lb.6ozs.

A little more casting power over the TORRIX best selling carp range. Starting with the tip - a faster action allows for a smaller diameter tip, building to more power in the area above the joint - all skinned in premium quality 1K woven carbon fibre. The butt section is a fraction more powerful than the benchmark TORRIX 3.25, without any increase in diameter - in fact it is slimmer at the handle.

This is a new rod for maximising your fishing at extreme distance without going to a dedicated 'casting tool' - expert carp anglers have consistantly cast in excess of 190yds with some even further - but realistically, fishing around 150yds with rig and bait. Load this rod up with 3.5oz to 4oz casting leads and watch them fly!

Factory built £423.00

Trebuchet / Light Focused (A distance Carp Rod) 12ft; 3.75lb - £472.00 (Factory Built)

Barbel rods

CHIMERA Barbel No.1. 12ft; 1.5lb.   No.2. 12ft; 1.75lb.   No.3. 12ft; 2.15lb.
All available Factory Built at £298.00

CHIMERA Snag & flood 11.5ft; 2.25lb.

Priced at  £298.00 (Factory Built).  Fitted with Kigan SiC guides, full-length cork and duplon handles, Fuji reel seats and supplied in a quality rod bag.

TORRIX Barbel Rods

  • 11ft; 1.5lb.tc.TORRIX Specialist Avon. 2 piece. £288.00.
  • 11ft; 1.75lb.tc.TORRIX Specialist Avon. 2 piece. £290.00.
  • 11ft; 2lb.tc. TORRIX Specialist "SU" Avon. 2 piece. £293.00.
  • 12ft; 1.25lb.tc. and 1.5lb.tc.TORRIX Specialist (Tench, Chub, Summer Barbel). 2 piece. £295.00.
  • 12ft; 1.75lb.tc. and 2lb.tc.TORRIX Specialist (Barbel). 2 piece. £300.00. 12ft; 2.25lb.tc.£306.00.
  • (All prices factory built)

Customise your hand built rod the way you want

Expect to pay 50% more to style your rod the way you want it for the custom-build options. Select your own fittings -  colour of the blank, size/type of the guides, reel-seat options, handle choice, whipping thread colour, and of course your initials, or anything else, inscribed onto your chosen fishing rod.


Fuji Handles

Top two rods show Carp and Barbel  rods with, Full Cork Handles. Bottom two rods show Carp and Barbel rods with, Full Japenese shrink tube.

butt capstainless trim

Left image. Solid Stainless Steel butt cap to finish-off the butt of any rod. Right image. Solid Stainless Steel trim rings/collars are designed to fit into either end of Fuji DNPS reel seats.

Various styles of rod butts from leatherbarrows

Various styles of rod butt are available. From top to bottom: Full Length Cork Handle. Standard Duplon Grip. XWeave Shrink Wrap. Slim Duplon Grip.

Soft Touch Seats

Fuji "Soft-Touch" reel seats with solid stainless steel trim rings and Japanese shrink tube.

New Fuji 'K' Series

A set of quality Kigan rings   A set of quality Fuji 'Alconite' Rings for your repair or custom build. (50mm set weighs 52g)

A set of quality Kigan rings   A set of quality Kigan 'Z' rings for your repair or custom build. (50mm set weighs 43g)

A set of quality Kigan rings   A set of quality 'Minima 4' Rings for your repair or custom build. (50mm set weighs 33g)

New Fuji 'K' Series

Quality fish 'pictures' can be applied to your rods for that 'Custom look' (50mm x 25mm)