Fishing the Rutland Booby

These Rutland boobies can be fished from the bank or boat.

We suggest using a fly rod of 9ft; 9.5ft; or 10ft capable of casting an 8 weight line, as the best line to use with these boobies is a fast sinking DI7 or DI8.

For bank fishing, we use a short fluorocarbon leader of 8lb.b.s. x 3 feet long. This can be shortened inch by inch until you find the depth at which the trout want it?.

Also, for increased distance a shooting-head constructed from the DI7/8 fly line is recommended.

Cast out as far as you can and let the line settle on the bottom of the lake, the booby will rise-up and fish at the length of your leader (3ft; 2ft; 18ins  or whatever length you decide upon) - retrieve very slowly,  the slower the better, until you feel a trout take the booby in it's mouth  do not strike  keep retrieving  until the rod tip pulls round. Fish On!

For boat fishing, we use a fluorocarbon leader of 8lb.b.s x 9 feet long.

On the point tie the booby fly then tie-in two droppers 3ft. apart up the leader with buzzers (size 10, 12 or 14) black, olive, red or a mix of all 3.

Cast out from the boat and let the line sink, as the boat moves over your line retrieve fairly fast until the top buzzer is visible  stop retrieving and hang the flies for a couple of seconds  bang!. Fish On!.

If required, we can supply all the necessary equipment to fish our boobies successfully (over 30 years experience), rods, reels, fly lines, leaders, flies. Give us a ring  for further information, competitive prices etc.

Telephone: Colin 0161 747 9129  Mobile: 07854 886913 or use the enquiry form.

Example of Rutland Boobies
Four favourite Rutland Boobies