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If sending or delivering rods for damaged ring replacement, please identify 'exactly' all those concerned, so that I cannot be in any doubt about which rings you need replacing.

rod repair

Skillfull repairs to save your tackle

Don't discard your favourite fishing rod that needs a repair or new rings

Your favourite piece of tackle damaged or broken? Perhaps it needs new rings or a general refurbishment? Whatever the situation don't discard the piece of tackle you love to use on the bank side or river. The rod that makes you feel good when making a cast or landing that larger than usual fish. It may even be a piece of tackle that others have admired and complimented you on. Don't discard it, send it for repair or refurbishment. Become reunited with your favourite.

Your fishing rod repair work will be carried out to the same high standard as custom rod building, to give your tackle a new lease of life and more years of good service. Fishing rod repairs of the highest quality.

Use the ENQUIRE FORM to describe the damage, or refurbishment, required. You will be quickly contacted perhaps asked to send a photograph of the damage and advised on the best course of action. If it is more convenient you can contact me directly to discuss your requirements first hand. Whichever you choose your needs will be attended to quickly and efficiently. 

rod repair  Rod repair   Rod repair
rod repairrod repair

Fuji Alconite 50mm guides.

Selection of successful rod repairs

Refurb Rob Hutch   "Original" Rod Hutchinson "Dream Makers" re-furbished to the clients specification.

A set of quality Kigan rings   BEFORE: Old Daiwa 'Infinity' carp rods.

A set of quality Kigan rings   AFTER: Totally re-furbished with new Titanium reel-seat, Xweave shrink tube, duplon 'butt'.

Snapped 'old Drennan' Carp Rod.   BEFORE: Snapped 'Old Drennan' Carp Rod.

Repaired 'Old Drennan' Carp Rod   AFTER: Repaired 'Old Drennan' Carp Rod with new Fuji reel-seat/cork handle.